Please note that itineraries are always subject to minor changes at any time.
Day 0
Tues Nov 13, 2018
Fly into Puebla, taxi to Cholula (2100m) - La Virgen de los Remedios, views of Popo, tunnels, container city, oldest church in the Americas. [more]
Day 1
Wed Nov 14, 2018
Cholula to Tlaxcala (2260m) 57km (583m climbing) Cacaxtla ruins, pulque, tacos, vistas [more]
Day 2
Thurs Nov 15, 2018
Tlaxcala to La Malinche (3100m) 35km (926m climbing) Pulque, thick pine forest, high mountain scenery, rambling hacienda country roads [more]
Day 3
Fri Nov 16, 2018
La Malinche to Huamantla (2520m) 16km (40m climbing) Almost a rest day... Museo de titeres (puppets) [more]
Day 4
Sat Nov 17, 2018
Huamantla to Cantona (2490m) 88km (583m climbing) Pulque museum, challenging ride, lagoons [more]
Day 5
Sun Nov 18, 2018
Cantona - Ruins, museum [more]
Day 6
Mon Nov 19, 2018
Cantona to Ciudad Serdan (2550m) 92km (693m climbing) Lagoons, ex-haciendas, agricultural region, Huge Tianguis (market), views of Orizaba [more]
Day 7
Tues Nov 20, 2018
Ciudad Serdan to Tehuacan (1650m) 70km (491m climbing) More views of Orizaba, pineapple juice, pulque, city of gods [more]
Day 8
Wed Nov 21, 2018
Tehuacan - Municipal palace murals, museum of anthropology and minerology, trip to Zapotitlan cactus reserve [more]
Day 9
Thurs Nov 22, 2018
Tehuacan to Tepexi de Rodriguez (1760m) 88km (1128m climbing) Very quiet roads, remote isolated terrain, canyons, challenging day [more]
Day 10
Fri Nov 23, 2018
Tepexi to Izucar de Matamoros (1300m) 89km (1052m climbing) museo pie de vaca, fossil museum, more remote country and challenging cycling [more]
Day 11
Sat Nov 24, 2018
Izucar de Matamoros to Atlixco (1850m) 43km (660m climbing) polychrome clay handicrafts, gradual climb, views of Popo [more]
Day 12
Sun Nov 25, 2018
Atlixco - Rest day, San Miguel on the hill, views of Popo [more]
Day 13
Mon Nov 26, 2018
Atlixco to Cholula (2100m) 28km (587m climbing) Chipilo Italian town, Santa Maria Tonantzintla, short easy day to finish [more]
Day 14
Tues Nov 27, 2018
Cholula - Fly back home or stay a while longer [more]