Dates: to
(2 weeks - 10 cycling days)
Minimum of 4 participants
needed to form tour
Distances: Average/day: 61km
Maximum/day: 92km
Total Approx: 606km
Total Climbing: 6700m
Route Type: REGULAR difficulty. In the highlands of Puebla. Weather | Road | Land
Highlights: We mostly ride on the altiplano (high plain) of Puebla, dropping down to canyon lands and cactus deserts, and climbing up to tall pine forests sitting below snow capped peaks. We'll visit Colonial cities and towns and Mexican Baroque churches. Cycle past snow capped volcanos, lagoons and plains, into canyons and up mountains. Explore a puppet museum, a museum of anthropology and minerology, a cactus reserve and a fossil museum. Roam around Cacaxtla and Cantona ruins. Drink pulque, the once sacred drink of fermented sap of the maguey plant. Eat some of the best tacos in Mexico and sample from the many delicacies of Pueblan cuisine.
The Route:
route map
Altitude Profile:
route map