Please note that itineraries are always subject to minor changes at any time.
Day 0
Fri Oct 26, 2018
Meet in Oaxaca city - Mountain colonial city. Markets, museums, shady plazas, nearby Zapotec ruins of Monte Alban. [more]
Day 1
Sat Oct 27, 2018
Oaxaca to Tlacolula 57km
353m ꜛ
El Tule, Dainzú archaeological site, Teotitlan weaving town, San Marcos pottery town [more]
Day 2
Sun Oct 28, 2018
Tlacolula to Hierve el Agua 44km
(8km dirt)
614m ꜛ
Check out the weekly Tlacolula market before we ride, then up into the hills, quiet roads [more]
Day 3
Mon Oct 29, 2018
Hierve el Agua to Mitla 27km
(8km dirt)
445m ꜛ
Morning hike around Hierve el Agua [more]
Day 4
Tues Oct 30, 2018
Mitla - Explore Mitla archaeological site, check out the handicrafts and rest up for a longer day tomorrow [more]
Day 5
Wed Oct 31, 2018
Mitla to Ocotlán 64km
544m ꜛ
The backroads Mezcal tour! [more]
Day 6
Thurs Nov 1, 2018
Ocotlán to Ejutla 61km
(21km dirt)
226m ꜛ
Back country riding, Ejutla weekly market [more]
Day 7
Fri Nov 2, 2018
Ejutla to Ocotlán 30km
133m ꜛ
Short ride to Ocotlán - market day! [more]
Day 8
Sat Nov 3, 2018
Ocotlán - Explore museums and handicrafts [more]
Day 9
Sun Nov 4, 2018
Ocotlán to Zaachila 29km
44m ꜛ
Visit Zegache and Zimatlán. Zaachila archaeological site [more]
Day 10
Mon Nov 5, 2018
Zaachila to Oaxaca 50km
(4km dirt)
774m ꜛ
Ex-convent in Cuilápam, alebrije town of Arrazola, Atzompa 'new Monte Alban' archaeological site, quiet back-roads into Oaxaca [more]
Day 11
Tues Nov 6, 2018
Oaxaca city - Stay a bit longer or fly back home [more]